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The Different Types Of Door Chimes

Door chimes are good for the security of your business, however, before you get yourself one you have to know exactly what you need for your business. The office layout and whether you have a receptionist, and if there are specific areas that you need to be locked off are but some of the things you should consider. Be sure to check the recommendations of the manufacturer for placement and warranty details.

Door chimes that go off when the door is opened are the most known and basic chimes. Mostly it’s put on the front door, but it can also be used to inform the security that a particular door has been opened. This is often done by companies that hold hazardous chemicals in storage, and that have things that can be taken. For example pharmacies tend to put their narcotics in a separate area and whenever the door is opened the door chime is activated. The noise could be a loud external noise, or you could also choose for it to go off on certain computers and devices. It needs to alert only certain individuals.

You can make use of an intercom if you need to be alerted about who is coming in and out. The door chime is associated, at this moment with the capability of giving someone access. The intercom alerts the office or apartment, and the receiver determines whether to buzz you in. The chime going off is a sign that the person has been granted entry. Its not unusual to see this system in large buildings and apartments. It helps to control the crowd of people that throng in everyday. There is, of course, a system of using an entrance code, that allows the people who work there to enter without asking for permission.

Updated door chime versions have intercoms and video cameras. These are activated later in the evening. This protects the bodyguard from harm and prohibits just anyone from coming in. The guard can be able to see who is at the door before they decide to let them in.

It might be that the best door chime is one that goes off when the door is open. This might not be the best of ideas as it can become pretty disruptive and annoying. Some door chime systems allow you to turn them off and on. This gives the receptionist the option to turn it off when away from the desk. You can also set up such chimes on a timer so that it turns on at a particular time of the day. This help when you have slow evening traffic or when the receptionist has left for the day, and there are people inside still working.
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