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The Advantages of Christian Marriage Help as Opposed to Secular Guidance

People seek Christian marriage help or secular therapy with the same goal of stopping a marriage from disintegrating or getting worse. Nonetheless, there are so many ways in which these two options differ that a Christian has to take their time and make the right call to save marriage.

The benefits of Christian marriage help as opposed to worldly consultations are many, including:

When you opt for Christian therapy, such as for assistance restoring a marriage after an affair, you’ll experience an extra perspective that secular therapy never provides. The Bible is the basis for Christian therapy, which endeavors to meticulously pinpoint areas of spiritual weakness in an individual who may be contravening scriptural guidelines and rules. The primary goal is to same marriage, which is possible only when the parties involved undertake to follow scripture-based principles as imparted via Christian counseling.

Christian counselors manage to achieve their objectives because they recognize an absolute standard that forms the basis for such goals and evaluation of the counselee’s way of life. They believe the Bible is the truth and tool that may be used to correct, rebuke, teach, and train for the purpose of righteousness.

Such an unquestionable standard is not at a secular counselor’s disposal, who instead choose to harness up-to-date psychological doctrines and cultural customs, which never remain standard at all times and in all locations. So, don’t expect a secular advisor to present to you a supreme authority that can inform the assessment of morals and choice of action.

For instance, think about the issue of unfaithfulness in marriage. When you consulting a secular professional to restore your marriage, they’ll probably ask, “Are you pleased with your actions”?, or even “how do you reckon your actions affect your spouse? For sure, you need to resolve those issues even if you’re being counseled by a Christian. However, the way you conduct your marriage is not just about you and your spouse, and so you need someone also asking you, “what do you think is the God’s view of your actions?” A “shrink” who acknowledges the relevance of God’s principles in preserving a blissful matrimony is exactly your best bet in this case.

While secular marriage teachings don’t usually prioritize prayers, praying is a very powerful recourse. To spiritual counselors, prayers for marriage restoration are mandatory. Once you play your part, it’s important to pray to God for strength and wisdom as you attempt to uphold His will and return to a path of righteousness, in case that’s the cause of your marital problems. When your husband or wife is the source of concern, look up to prayers for the strength to keep trying rather than bolt out of marriage too soon.

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